About Us


Specialty Cellars is a purveyor, importer, and distributor of world-class premium boutique wines, craft beers, and specialty foods. Currently we represent wineries from Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and the in US – California, Washington and Oregon. At Specialty Cellars we pride ourselves on representing artisan wines and beers that offer outstanding values for our customers and are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service, knowledge, support and realized value.


Our mission is to discover great artisan producers and connect them with our community: customers, family and friends.

                EXPLORE and DISCOVER!

         1. Bringing friends and family together for shared experiences

2. Build relationships in and with our community

• Provide great customer service to clients/sales reps/vendors

• Help our community by giving back


P ositive, team oriented attitude & having fun

E ntrepreneur spirit

A action Oriented

R esponsible to each other & our community

L earning from our mistakes & success



Learn more about the wines and foods we offer or for more information, sales, or general inquires, contact us at info@specialtycellars.com.