About Us

Wine Rack Specialty Cellars is a purveyor, importer and distributor of world-class premium boutique wines, craft beers and specialty foods. Currently we represent wineries from Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the in US – California, Washington and Oregon, and continue to discover hard to find artisan wines that represent exceptional quality and value. In addition, we have recently discovered a few exceptional craft breweries that we’ve launching in the U.S. – one from Tuscany, Birrificion Bruton in Lucca, Italy and another, Mountain Goat, in Australia with more on the way! At Specialty Cellars we pride ourselves on representing artisan wines and beers that offer outstanding values for our customers and are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service, knowledge, support and realized value. Learn more about the wines and foods we offer or for more information, sales or general inquires, contact us at info@specialtycellars.com. Click here for career information.  We welcome you to telephone us, or email us with your questions and comments. You can also fill out our convenient form below. We’ll make every effort to get back to you in a timely manner.